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Couples Therapy in Oakville, Georgetown and Virtual 

70% of problems in relationships are perpetual. It is more important to learn how to talk about these ongoing concerns,than expect them to go away.

Being in a long term relationship is extremely hard work. Most often if we are not putting intentional energy into our relationship, it slowly degrades over time. Most relationships have multiple stressors which may include raising children, blended family, conflict with family members, conflict viewpoints on important issues, balancing the load of maintaining a home or parenting, and more. 

A job loss, a new baby, caregiving for elderly or terminally ill parents, for example, can leave individuals so emotionally depleted that they fall back into unhealthy, habitually patterned behaviour that predates the relationship. It can leave even the most loving of couples struggling to connect. The longer this goes on, the faster the relationship hurtles towards a rupture. 

Couples therapy doesn't have to be a last resort.

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Timing is everything when it comes to relationship counselling. Often we think of couples therapy as a last resort intervention. But it can be so helpful to get help on intimacy, communication, and connectedness earlier on to build a strong foundation for your relationship. Akin to your car, It makes little sense to take your car into the shop a month after it started making a horrific noise. By that time, too much damage may have been done and your engine may be beyond repair. 

Virtually every couple requires help in their relationship at one stage or another. We work with couples of all ages and sexual orientations, married or not. During counselling sessions, your therapist will help both of you discover the layers that constitute each of you. The goal is to help you understand your loved one better. This way, you can heal and get out of conflict cycles that continue to plague your partnership.

Couples therapy is more than just talking about communication. We want to support you in looking towards a positive future together, and coming together as a united front against your problems, instead of against each other. 

We may look at how our past experiences or models of relationships may be impacting our ability to talk about the emotions we're feeling, or communicate our concerns. 

We believe in using approaches to couples therapy that are researched to have the best results which include Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and Gottman Method Couples Therapy. We are inherently relational. Being dependent on other people has always been key to survival. A strong attachment to our partner can completely shift the way we navigate the world and all other components of ourselves. It is nearly impossible to compartmentalize those issues and not have it impact everything else. 

Common Themes in Relationship Counselling:

  • Communication Breakdown

  • Managing Children

  • Sexual/Intimacy Concerns

  • Mental or Physical Illness

  • Blended Families

  • Separation and Divorce

  • Coparenting

Couples Therapy is offered in Burlington, Oakville and Georgetown. Virtual sessions are also available for all residents of Ontario. 

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