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Therapy for Women

Oakville, Georgetown and Virtual

A recent survey by Ontario Association of Social Workers found that 44% of women were either diagnosed with a mental health condition or are believed to be living with an undiagnosed mental health condition. Even more staggering, women who were aged 18-35 that number jumped to 66%.*

Women tend to balance many roles. Often, woman are the primary caregivers in families and through our privileged position sharing emotional space supporting women we consistently hear that this delicate balance of all the tools woman fill come with increased stress. It’s important to know that you are not alone. Collectively, the evidence (and our person experience) is suggesting that the mental health needs of women are unique and significantly different from those of men. 

We know that it can become challenging to manage life's daily stressors and demands, let alone when we may not feel equipped to deal with them when they arise. Stop letting your emotions, beliefs about them, and your reactions get in your way! Your emotions are valid. So are your experiences. Needing and asking for support while navigating these challenges is human. We believe mental health and wellness is about having a sense of control in your life.  This can look like healthy coping mechanisms, emotional intelligence and awareness, or strong communication skills.  When you are confronted by things that negatively impact you we want you to feel in control.  To feel as if you can choose how you respond. Get back to feeling in control of your life! Addressing your experiences and habits head on allows us to shift them to healthier and more adaptive coping. 

What are the types of issues that most commonly affect women?

  • Mood disorders. Such as depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder

  • Eating disorders such as Anorexia or Bulimia. Disordered eating behaviours which influence eating decisions, accompanied by negative thoughts about body shape and weight and a skewed lens through which we view our bodies

  • Postpartum Anxiety and Depression: A type of depression that is easier to miss as it presents differently than how we often assume (See 

  • Infertility. This is often concurrent with depression and trauma (See page with more info on this under specialized services tab) 

  • Domestic Violence: Can be emotional, physical, verbal or psychological and most often presents itself through name-calling, controlling behaviours, violence, humiliation and manipulation.

  • Hormonal Changes which can be experienced in puberty, pregnancy, postpartum and menopause.  This may lead to mood changes that are more drastic than outside of what considered to be normal for you

  • Low Self-Esteem/Self Worth: This may have been experienced lifelong, or, as a result of bullying, abusive relationships or trauma.  This may be expressed through negative thoughts, isolation, unhealthy relationship patterns and mood issues. 

  • Discrimination: women may have been at more risk to this experience throughout history through sexist or racial means

  • Sexual abuse: which can take many forms from sexual harassment through to rape 

What is a therapist going to tell me that I don’t already know?

Maybe it's not necessarily learning something we don't already know, maybe it's more about hearing what we already know differently, applying it more effectively. Consider taking the skills you already have and building off of them, strengthening and tweaking them. Therapy is a space that you can learn how to articulate your thoughts and feeling, deepen your own learning about them and yourself, respond to emotions more effectively and learn new behaviours and healthier coping skills.  You may not realize there are better ways until you talk about it! When you talk about your challenges, they can feel smaller with less hold over your life, let us guide and support you with this.

Therapy for women is offered in Burlington, Oakville and Georgetown. Virtual sessions are also available for all residents of Ontario. 


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