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ADHD Support
Offered in Burlington, Oakville, Georgetown and Virtually

"Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength."


Have you ever wondered how therapy can benefit your child's journey with ADHD? It's more than just talk -- therapy with a skilled professional can lead to significant improvements in various areas of your child's life.

One key area therapy addresses is behavioural issues. ADHD often manifests in behaviours like fidgeting or distracting others, making it challenging for children to thrive in structured environments like classrooms. Therapy equips children with strategies to manage their energy positively and succeed in learning environments.

Concentration is another area where therapy can make a difference. Children with ADHD may struggle to focus on tasks that don't capture their interest. Therapy helps them harness their hyperfocus and direct it towards academic and extracurricular pursuits.

Therapy can also enhance academic performance by reducing behavioural challenges and improving concentration. Many parents report seeing a positive shift in their child's grades and overall academic success after engaging in therapy sessions.


A vital component of our approach focuses on the social and emotional development of children with ADHD. Through therapy, we work closely with each child to boost their self-awareness, self-management, and impulse control. We aim to enhance their social awareness, cultivate strong relationship skills, and foster effective decision-making abilities. These skills are crucial for navigating daily challenges and building a foundation for lifelong success. With these supports we can help families see the positives traits, not just the negative ones such as creativity and drive.


If you're curious about how therapy can support your child with ADHD, book a free 15-minute consult with one of our child therapists today. Child therapy is offered by Valerie and Nicol in Oakville, and Maddie in Georgetown. Valerie, Maddie and Nicol also offer virtual sessions for anyone residing in Ontario. 

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