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Therapy for Children (5-12)
Oakville, Georgetown and Virtual

Parenting is the hardest job you'll ever do!

In a world where you as a parent have access to an abundance of information at the click of a button, but where there are so many conflicting opinions, it can be hard to know the "right" thing to do when it comes to your children.  Many of you are juggling working full time (or more), caring for aging parents, on top of managing most of your own family responsibilities. We know how hard it can be to manage all of this, let alone feel like you're excelling. The challenges that our young kids are facing today seem to be constantly evolving and becoming more difficult and nuanced to manage.


You are not a failure as a parent if your child needs professional help.

At CW Therapy we believe that mental health is just as important as physical health, and want you to know there is no shame in getting more support for children. Our team of therapists will work with you, and your child, to develop a personalized plan to help your child get back to the business of being a kid. We take an open, honest, and compassionate approach to ensure that you can feel comfortable and secure in our care. Our therapists are trained to deal with the unique challenges children are facing, and have a toolbox of child specific skills and strategies to support them.  


Addressing mental health challenges and developing strong and healthy self-care habits from a young age can help children manage future life stressors - and reach their full potential!  Mental, emotional, and behavioural disorders in childhood can cause long-term impacts on the child, their development, and also farther reaching to their caregivers and families. Treating a child’s mental health challenges as soon as possible can help children reduce problems at home, in school, and in forming friendships, supporting in healthy development into adulthood.

Signs of mental health struggles in children

You should be concerned and seek professional help if your child:

  • Has frequent headaches and stomachaches

  • Has difficulty concentrating with changes in academic performance

  • Difficulty managing the symptoms of ADHD

  • You are noticing significant changes in mood, behaviour and/or personality

  • Has problems in multiple areas of life, such as family relationships, school, leisure activities and friendships

  • Starts feeling bad about themselves, less confident

  • Shows excessive worry about the future

  • You notice a persistent sadness or hopelessness that lasts for longer than two weeks 

  • Withdraws from family, friends or activities they used to enjoy

  • Not wanting to go to school which seems uncharacteristic for them

  • Has a significant change in sleep habits and/or appetite

  • Engages in negative outbursts more frequently, shows extreme irritability and has displayed out-of-control behaviour that can be harmful

  • Has repetitive, self-destructive behaviours such as hair pulling or skin-picking

  • Talks about or engages in self-harm

  • Makes comments like “I wish I weren’t here,” or “Nobody would care if I ran away”;

  • Talks about death or suicide.


When it comes to therapy for children, you always have options.

Depending on the age of the child, we can discuss options that include:

  • Meeting with a parent(s) alone

  • Sessions with both parent and child present

  • Sessions alone with older children

  • Having the parent attend the last 15 minutes to discuss what tools and skills we are working on for you to help them apply between sessions

Therapy with children can include talking, playing, or other activities to help the child express feelings and thoughts. For older children we often include worksheets and skills from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help with managing thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, and increasing healthy coping skills. Our services are designed to help children develop healthy coping skills and build resilience. We want to help children learn to cope with their emotions to build a brighter future. 

Children are developing the minds and bodies they will have for the rest of their lives. Early intervention to help them cope with mental health strain is our best way to ensure their health and happiness. 

Child therapy is offered in Burlington, Oakville and Georgetown. Virtual sessions are also offered for all residents of Ontario. If you are worried about your child, book a free15 minute consult with one of our therapists today to learn more about how we can help and what your options are to help support your family.

We also offer Parenting Coaching, which is a great place to start if you're not sure about when therapy for your child is necessary, or if you want support on how to try build tools for youself to start.  

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