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Emotion Check-In

Step 1: Notice/Observe

Please recall a time when you were last experiencing a strong uncomfortable emotion. What physical sensation did you experience? ( i.e butterflies, heaviness, heat, etc)

Step 2: Label the Emotion

What feeling (on the wheel) does this sensation fit with? (sensation such as butterflies could represent anxiety, heaviness can represent sadness, and heat may represent anger)


Step 3: Adopt/Allow

Can you accept this emotion?

Step 4: Need

What need is the emotion alerting you to? Anxiety =reassurance or safety, Sadness= solace/comfort; and Anger=boundary needed/violation.

Step 5: Action

What do you need to do to fulfill this need? Anxiety= I need reassurance/safety; Sadness=I need solace/comfort; and Anger=I need to assert myself and set a boundary.

Adapted from Emotion Theory (Elliott ane colleagues, 2002)

Emotion Check-resources
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